The Pontifical Shrine of the Holy House of Loreto [1] welcomes the organs of social communication, providing them with the necessary information and helping them to enjoy the best conditions for carrying out their work. The Communications Hub is responsible for accreditations and authorizations for guest professionals to whom it provides, as far as possible, answers to their requests useful for the development of news, documentaries and reports.

How to apply for a temporary credit

To request a temporary credit, send the following data to the following email address or fill out the form on the accreditation page at

Name, surname of the professional and valid identity document (jpg, pdf)
Copy of the professional journalist card or copy of a letter from the newspaper;
Tested for which one works
Specify if: Photo, Video or printed card
Professional contacts: email, telephone number;
Purpose for which the request for accreditation is requested (event or other);
Date of arrival at the Sanctuary.
All accredited participants will receive a press pass, to be collected on arrival in Loreto.

It is possible to request a permanent credit which will be valid for one year. To do this it will be necessary to send only the first time of the above. The journalist with a permanent pass will also be obliged to inform of his arrival, at the following mail so that his presence is recognized and is favored in his work.

General rules valid for all

  • Accreditation is individual and personalized so that, when a communication body sends its team to the Sanctuary, it must request individual accreditation for each of its members, indicating in the e-mail the name of the team coordinator, who acts as interlocutor with the Sanctuary itself.
  • Shooting within the Holy House must be agreed in a specific way (in time and manner) in order not to disturb the prayer and to better promote the work of media operators. Media operators who request it must be accompanied by the Communication Hub.
  • Requests for interviews must be specified in the accreditation application. The Communication Pole will take care of contacting the requested person and preparing the interview times and procedures.
  • The communication operators will have to do their work avoiding to be an element of distraction for pilgrims in the different contexts of the life of the Sanctuary, in particular those of a celebratory nature. The environment of silence and recollection is fundamental in this Sanctuary.

Spaces forbidden to journalists

The accreditation of journalists does not guarantee automatic access to all areas of the Sanctuary. With the exception of a particular request and the respective authorizations, the accesses of the communication bodies are prohibited:

in the presbytery area of ​​the various places of celebration of the Basilica;
in the area within the Health Department
in the internal area used for confessions
it is forbidden to record interviews inside the Basilica, including the Holy House, except for special requests that must be received in advance.
all media operators are prohibited from filming and taking photos during live coverage of the Sanctuary in the areas covered by the cameras. On such occasions there will be indicated spaces where to work, which will have to be meticulously respected.
The institution reserves the right to decide for itself the attribution of the accreditation.

For television productions

For television and documentary productions that intend to carry out a project at the Pontifical Shrine, they will have to follow the following procedure.

Make a written request, sending a copy of the project that you intend to carry out, objective, specifying whether the project is commercial or devotional and TV outlets. It is also necessary to indicate the number of people the troupe will be composed of, and provide an indication of the amount of equipment that the project plans to use and the times.

After evaluating the project, based on what has been presented, the Communication Pole will send written authorization, with regulations to be respected in the place of worship, and will be available for any needs that may arise during filming.

This request is primarily aimed at preserving and respecting the property of the Holy See, in all its spaces, and secondly, to allow those who are authorized a peaceful job.

[1] “Sanctuary” means the area including the Basilica (upper and lower), the churchyard of the Basilica, the bell tower and the Apostolic Palace. It should be remembered that inside the Basilica of Loreto the “Holy House” is preserved which, as a relic from which the Sanctuary originates, is subject to special conditions of access and recovery for media operators.