The Jubilee is a time to not close in on ourselves, but to open up to the other. SELF. Mons Dal Cin announces the proposals for charity of the Pontifical Shrine.

“There will be many initiatives of solidarity that everyone can undertake during the Jubilee journey, but as regards this Shrine I would like to give two addresses, two operative proposals. One – so to speak -” at home “, local, and the other in Palestine.

The local one is aimed at welcoming young people
they will move to Loreto, stopping at the John Paul II Center, where
they will be welcomed, accompanied and helped to understand the meaning of
their life. This structure that Pope Francis himself wanted
to promote. For the young, the Pope signed in the Casa Casa on the 25th
last March the apostolic exhortation “Christus Vivit” because
both themselves in their life and with their joy at witnessing
that “Christ is alive and wants us alive”.

The second proposal of charity is for Nazareth – where there is
the other half of the House of Mary. It’s about providing new ones
specialist equipment for the new hospital neonatology
of the Holy Family of Nazareth and to help the Miriam Association of
Nazareth, in the fight against cancer. Is an Association of
Christians, Muslims and Jews, which helps the sick, above all
women and children in the fight against cancer. “